BINDER operates 3 test boilers at the head office.
With these units BINDER is able to perform test firings for non-standard fuels to ensure combustion will be within legal emission limits.
The expertise gained during the tests are the foundation of the subsequent electrical and mechanical design process, for BINDER to ensure optimised combustion of the fuel available.

Available Combustion Units

RRK 200-350 TSRF
Our longest standing test unit with a nominal capacity of 250 kWh equipped with a moving grate combustion unit for dry fuels type TSRF.
The variable fuel feed system allows our engineers to change fuel in short time. With the accumulator tank – excess heat storage – and the possibility to cool the heating water with a water-to-air heat exchanger combustion tests can even be performed during Summer.
200_350_tsrf_1_w350 200_350_tsrf_2_w350 200_350_tsrf_3_w350

WW/HW/DK 200-350 DR
Test unit with a nominal capacity of 250 kWh currently equipped with a prototype combustion system.
It can produce warm or hot water or saturated steam (depending on configuration).
Because of the variable design the combustion system can easily be modified.
dk_200_350_3_w350 dk_200_350_4_w350 dk_200_350_1_w350

RRK 1000 SRF
Our biggest test unit with a nominal capacity of 1,000 kWh designed for wet fuels (higher than M60).
The unit is equipped with a walking floor and a hydraulic fuel feed system for coarse materials.
In combination with a BINDER Ceramic Filter System (BKF) and latest dust emission measuring technology very accurate predictions regarding emissions can be made.
ffg_wkst_w500 ffg_wkst_2_w500 ffg_wkst_3_w500