BINDER Advantages – An Overview

BINDER combustion units are designed for heavy duty use. The extremely robust design pared with the vast expertise of the company makes BINDER boilers the choice for 24/7 heating operation.

  • Individual and custom-made
  • Extremely robust and reliable
  • Safe and comfortable
  • 24/7 service support
“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
Albert Einstein

Combustion chamber

One of the top features of a BINDER combustion unit is the design of the combustion chamber with water-cooled sides. On one hand the water-jacket cools the refractory extending its operational life by protecting it from over heating. On the other hand Radiation losses are minimized due to the return flow water is used for cooling the combustion chamber itself.


Flue Gas Recirculation

Depending on the temperature in the combustion chamber the recirculation system adds a regulated amount of flue gas to the combustion air.

Because of the greater volume of flue gas in the combustion chamber, more heat is dissipated from here towards the heat exchanger.

The flue gas recirculation system is particularly recommended for fuels with either a high calorific value, low ash fusion point, or a high nitrogen content.

Lower temperatures also increase the lifespan of the refractory and the grate.

Capacity and Combustion Control CVP

Features a fully modulating computer control that permanently assesses the actual load, adjusts the fuel feed accordingly and matches it with the continuously variable air supply.

• Reacts dynamically to changes in the combustion process through the Lambda O2 control
• Variable air volumes are automatically compensated by the integrated negative pressure control
• Speed-controlled fans minimise electric power consumption
• Provides an optimal efficiency over the entire output range of the boiler.

3D Visualization

The innovative BINDER 3D Visualization is created from your individual layout plan.

Individually designed setting windows and the included data logging, and also the possibility to integrate the BINDER combustion chamber camera completed the package.

If an Internet connection is available it is possible to log in to the boiler control unit and make adjustments at any time you want.

Know-How & Reliability

High Overall Efficiency Across the Output Range BINDER boilers achieve efficiency ratings of over 92 percent.
• The CVP control package gives fully modulating capacity control from 20-100%
• Speed-control on all fans minimises the electric power consumption
• The Lambda O2 regulation improves efficiency and brings out the most of your fuel
• High quality engineering with a minimum of maintenance required provides for high availability

Lambda O2 Regulation
Uses the exhaust O2 level as an efficient indicator for complete combustion:
• Reacts to fuel variations by automatically adjusting the air intake and/or fuel supply
• Provides a stable combustion without emissions peaks even where fuel quality varies.

Flue Gas Cleaning

To comply with the legal emission limits, special filters have to be used. BINDER offers optimized filtration systems for your needs.

Electrostatic precipitators

Metal Sleeve filters