Spare Parts from BINDER

„A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.“

This is also applicable to boilers and its accessories. Incompatible accessories can compromise the capacity of the boiler where original accessories can optimize it.

A Standard which cannot be matched by Imitations

The difference is in the optimized fabrication processes as well as the precisely fitting genuine BINDER spare parts.
All BINDER spare parts are manufactured with the same production processes and are subject to the same quality and safety procedures as standard BINDER components.

When using non-BINDER recognized spare parts, BINDER warranty will terminate immediately.
A worst-case scenario with non-BINDER spare parts could include damage to the boiler as well as a total failure.
Balanced interaction of all boiler components is of utmost importance for optimal output, economical and safe operation.

Precision vs. Imitation

With BINDER spare parts you will minimize your maintenance costs. Imitations, although potentially of lower capital expense – will lack the service life of genuine Binder spare parts and total costs will be higher in the end.

Readily Available

To minimize potential unscheduled downtimes we can offer a custom list of recommended boiler spare parts to be kept on site in case of emergency.