The BINDER ceramic filter system is a new in-house development and is based on the principle of a filtering separator.
The main advantage of a ceramic filter over common bag filters is based on the ceramic filtration medium not being flammable and withstanding higher temperatures (up to 400 °C) without taking any damage.

The BINDER Ceramic filter is of modular design and can be adapted individually to the boiler and the fuel used.

Mode of Operation

The cyclone cleaned exhaust gas enters the ceramic filter through an even flow profile. The flue gas is drawn through each individual filter element. During this process the dust particles are deposited at the filter element’s surface and the cleaned exhaust gas is transported to the flue via the exhaust gas fan.
The entire filter housing is built from sheet steel and fully insulated.
Auxiliary heating can be added as an option to improve partial load is transported via a fan to the chimney.


  • high separation efficiency < 20 mg/m3
  • reliable operation up to a fuel moisture content M25
  • spark resistant
  • high operational reliability
  • low maintenance
  • automatic compressed air cleaning system
  • automatic de-ashing (optional)
  • low space requirement

Operation of Compressed Air Cleaning and Dust Removal System

The cleaning of each individual filter element works with compressed air by the principle of counter-acting flows.
Thereby compressed air is pressed through the filter element counter-acting the stream of the flue gases, the deposited dust particles fall down into the central ash-hopper.

To remove the ash from the ash-hopper of the filter it is possible to install an optional dust removal system which draws the dust regularly in a central ash-container.


3D visualization of a 840 kW unit with 4 Filter modules