The Intercontinental Costa Rica luxury hotel with 4.5 Stars in front of the well known “Multiplaza” Shaooping mall in the heart of San Jose belongs to the IHG Group. As part of the IHG GREEN ENGAGE™ programm a saturated steam boiler from BINDER was recently installed to supply the Hotel owned laundry with sustainable and environmental friendly energy. After intense benchmarks the concept of BINDER ans his local partners succeeded. Since the middle of 2014 the boiler is operational and was able to convince all participants with his high reliability and robustness. Intercontinental_Hotel


  • Saturated steam boiler type DK 640-850
  • intercontinental_anlage_1_s
  • Underfed hearth combustion
  • Monocylon disipator ZA
  • Auger infeed
  • Automatic deashing
  • HV-Cleaning system
  • Flue gas recirculation
  • Automatic Ignition unit
  • CVP Control with Touch display
  • 3D Visualization

Technical Data

Projekct name: Intercontinental Hotel Costa Rica intercontinental_anlage_2
Place: San Jose (CR)
Boiler type: DK 640-850
Capacity: 850 kW
Fuel: Wood pellets
Oil savings: ca. 429.000 Liter p.a.
CO2 savings: ca. 2.359.000 kg p.a.
Commissioning: 06/2014

Pictures of the boiler