Technology always develops from the primitive to the complicated and than to the simple
(Antoine Saint-Exupéry)

BINDER offers a wide range of different heating solutions, starting from warm to hot water, to air-to-air heat exchangers, to saturated steam boilers, to combustion chamber only solutions. The biggest advantage of BINDER is total flexibility. True to the motto “Nothing is impossible” our engineers will seek to provide an optimum solution for your requirements.

Below you will find an overview for the available standard boiler sizes provided by BINDER. If you have any questions regarding special solutions please contact our sales department.

Boiler Range

Below an overview of available boiler capacities and model ranges. Also included are the available combustion units.

System overview

A BINDER boiler type RRK 400-600 in combination with an moving grate combustion unit SRF:

1 Heat Exchanger
best-practise chamfered and root welded, individually replaceable if required
2 Refractory
with standard firebricks instead of manufacturer specific moulded bricks:
simple and cheap to replace
3 Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  • unique high-velocity flue gas circulation system
  • avoids emission peaks generated by compressed air blasts
  • automatic de-ashing in preset intervals, with cleaning effect over the entire tube length
  • no interference with combustion process
4 Water-cooled Boiler Jacket

  • absorbs the heat from the combustion chamber (heat exchanger’s first pass)
  • preheats the return flow via a duct along the boiler jacket
5 Secondary Air Supply
λ-controlled, with optimized arrangement of nozzles for superior turbulent flow
6 Radiation Arch
optimized air flow, completely lined with refractory brickwork
7 Grate Screen
prevents ash-auger damage by falling debris
8 Combustion Chamber

  • stochiometrically designed three zone system
  • completely lined with refractory brickwork
9 Anti-Burnback Provisions

  • controlled negative pressure inside the combustion unit
  • thermostatic sensor intervening PLC routine
  • direct-acting thermostatic water dousing system
  • certified power failure protected damper or rotary air valve
  • monitored fuel barrier or 2-fold mechanical separation
10 Feeding System

  • Stoker auger or
  • hydraulic feed system
11 Moving Grate Boiler >150 kW

  • industrial-scale solution available for commercial applications
  • fuel is evenly distributed and pre dried
  • automatic de-ashing into a single ash receptacle
  • powered by heavy-duty hydraulic or electro-mechanical unit
12 Primary Air Supply
λ-controlled, with load-dependent distribution to combustion and burnout zone
13 Industrial Quality

  • Wall thickness (standard):
    Heat Exchanger 6 mm
    Boiler base 10 bzw. 5 mm
  • heavy-duty cleaning doors and inspection apertures, functionally arranged
14 Ash Auger
for removal of ash into the central receptacle optional with ash lock or hydraulic de-ash ram
15 Ash Scraper
for de-ashing of the entire boiler base
16 Grate Element
made of high temperature cast chromium alloy, separately replaceable